1. MYTH: You can tell the baby's gender by heart rate. Boy's hearts beat slower than the girls.
  2. FACT: It's illegal to try and determine the gender of the baby in India. But there is no difference in the heart rate of a baby boy or girl in the mother's womb. All that should matter is a healthy baby and a healthy mummy.
  3. MYTH: Lifting your arm over your head can cause your baby's umbilical cord to wrap around their neck.
  4. FACT: There's simply no connection between your arm muscles and joints and the umbilical cord, which connects your baby to your placenta.
  5. MYTH: Running could cause early labour
  6. FACT: Some form of exercise is recommended and healthy for most pregnant women. If your doctor permits slow running/ jogging keep up to it, unless specifically not told to. No kind of exercise causes early labour.
  7. MYTH: Spicy foods can help you go into labour
  8. FACT: Spicy food has no effect on your chances of inducing labour naturally — unless your body is really ready to have that baby.
  9. MYTH: Castor oil helps induce labour
  10. FACT: One of the many known tactics include consuming castor oil to induce labour, but they also lead to contractions in your intestinal tract, leading to really unpleasant side effects including diarrhoea, upset stomach and cramping.

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