New Moms: Don't Worry. Be Happy.

All the new moms are jealous of that one upbeat mom, who seems to have everything under control and manages to keep the joy and love flowing. Let's uncover the secret of some habits that these mothers follow on a daily basis that make them 'The Happy Moms'.

1. Ask for help

Happy mothers are not afraid to ask for help from family and friends. While frustrated, 'tired to the t' moms miss on those out-of-town weekends and movie nights with their husband because they can't find a babysitter or a willing relative. Very Happy Moms just say, "Please." Trust us it is as simple as that. Remember asking for help is not a sign of weakness or mismanagement, but a sign of managing things right.

Dont worry be happy

2. Leave the house – NOW

Fresh air, sunlight and nature are believed to be critical mood enhancers for women and moms can get this little lift while pushing strollers or swings. Look around that playground. Spot the happy mother across the field. Go talk to her, right now.

3. Plan some big fun

Very Happy Moms work their way round to make time for vacations and fun times. It's very important to stack away those alarm clocks, your child's homework, the household chores and bring in beautiful sunsets, long & luxurious spa dates, card games, a romantic movie night and even a weekend off.

4. Eat, Sleep & be Merry

Being sleep-deprived may be a badge of honour for those with young babies, but the sooner you can figure out how to get your eight hours back, the more delirious with joy you will be. Follow the well deserved sleep with a balanced meal and feel the happiness quotient rising within.

5. Get back in shape

Just about equal to how good regular exercise makes us feel is how swiftly the gloom creeps in when we skip it. Fortunately, to a mom, exercise can feel almost self-indulgent -- after all, you're doing something for yourself, in the company of other grown-ups. And that's part of the buzz.