Parenting tips: What dads can teach the moms

You and your partner might have very different takes on parenting styles. But that doesn't mean what the fathers are doing is wrong. While Men may be from Mars, when it comes to bringing up babies, they can be just as effective as women. So daddies, this is your time to show your partner some effective ways to deal with the babies and be successful at them too.

1. Turn work into play

It's amazing how the dads can turn the most mundane jobs into playtime. Jobs like diaper changing can be made fun by daddy making silly faces with the fresh diaper, turn the toothbrush into a choo-choo train scrubbing the tracks etc. Make a team and help the mom turn mundane roles into fun times. Even better – get them done yourself.

What dad can teach moms

2. Let them learn

While there is nothing wrong with helping out a toddler in distress, most dads will let the kids work through the problems themselves, which in most cases is the best way to learn. Your little one will be doubly proud of their accomplishment.

3. Treat them like grown-ups

Sometimes straight talk is the most direct route to a solution. Suppose your 3 year toddler is biting other kids at the playschool; while mummy may try to make stories that encourage him to alter his behaviour, most dads choose to offer constructive criticism by saying 'If you keep biting other kids, you won't have any friends.' While it may sound harsh, even your toddler knows it's true.

4. Choose your battles:

A stubborn toddler can make you feel like you are going from head to hot head over every little tiny thing. Suppose your toddler doesn't want a bath. While mummies might choose to plop them up kicking and screaming in the bath tub, the daddy cool might just let go of the bathing routine for once to totally avoid the tantrum, which might ruin the whole day ahead. It is important to choose your battles. And if it is necessary that the toddler be cleaned up, turn that into a fun event and not a mundane job.

So daddies, team up with the mummies, let them relax and show them how it is done. Most importantly, how well it is done, even if done your way.