10 Useful tips for pregnancy care during summer

#1. Be hydrated

  • Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water during pregnancy it is very important for both the mother and the baby.
  • Dizziness, nausea, dry lips and mouth, less urine or yellow colored urine and overheating due to the hot weather all signal that you are dehydrated.
  • Summer heat tends to cause dehydration so it is recommended to drink 6-8 glass of water to stay hydrated. Make sure you always carry a bottle of water when you are out and about.

#2. Healthy meals

  • Include lots of fresh fruits and juice to beat the heat. Vegetables like cucumber should be included in diet during summer months. Avoid very spicy foods.

#3. Wear bright clothes

  • Dark clothes, especially black or red, increase heat absorption making pregnant women feel hotter. Therefore, on hot sunny days, you should select bright clothes such as white, beige to reflect the sun rays. Remember to wear sunglasses, sun-proof vest and use sunblock when going out.

#4.Take a bath with cool water

  • In these hot days, the cool water bath makes you feel comfortable and a lot more pleasant. Swimming is also very good for pregnant women, so if you have time, just go to the pool near your house to enjoy cool summer.Speak to your doctor or the CareNine fitness expert before starting any new physical activity.

#5.Avoid salty foods

  • Salty foods will make you lose water quickly and make you thirstier on hot days. Therefore, keep away from those foods such as potato chips, cookies, crackers and pasta during summer days.

#6. Take care of your legs

  • Keep your legs on high position when having opportunity, especially during working time. It will help blood circulating to the legs and remove leg and hand oedema. In summer, pregnant women’s legs are easy to be swollen, so taking care of them is very important.

#7.Do not forget your lunchtime nap

  • Summer heat makes pregnant women more tired, so do not skip the short naps. You should spend 30 minutes for lunchtime nap and sleep 7-8 hours a day.

#8. Exercise at right time

  • Walking, swimming, yoga and other pregnancy exercises are good for you and your baby.
  • During summer, exercise should be done early in the morning or in the evening when the temperatures is low.
  • During exercise if one feels tired it is better to relax and take rest. Don’t try to over-stress yourself while doing physical activities. Do it light and limited to your comfort zone.

#9. Limited outdoor activity during hot hours

  • Being outdoors to get some fresh air is too good during pregnancy. It can actually help you to relax and rejuvenate.
  • During summer days restrict your outdoor activities to early morning or evening. Avoid going out during the peak hours like 11 am to 4 pm when the sun’s rays are strongest.

#10. Proper rest and sleep

  • Sleep and rest is very important factor for mothers. Sleeping helps to eliminate stress.
  • Summer heat can make you more tired. Take time for yourself. Relax by reading a book, listening to music or doing meditation. Rest is very important during pregnancy.