Healthy tips every pregnant woman should follow for the healthy baby growth:

  • At 7-8 weeks:The baby starts general movements such as bending sideways or startling.
  • At 9 weeks:The baby may move individual limbs and even hiccup. It may also be able to suck and swallow.
  • At 10 weeks:The baby can flex, turn his head and can bring his arms up to his face. It also develops finer facial movements like opening and closing the jaw.
  • At 11 weeks: The baby can yawn
  • At 14 weeks: The baby may begin to move its eyes.
  • At 20-24 weeks: You may now begin to feel the baby move. At first it may seem like gas/ indigestion.
  • At 24-28 weeks:You may feel your baby's hiccups, which feel like jerking movements. You may also notice the baby react to outside sounds like music or sudden loud noises.
  • At 29 weeks: The movements may become noticeable from the outside.
  • At 36 weeks: The main movements you are likely to feel now are jabs from his arms and legs, and possibly painful kicks to your ribs. This is because the baby is getting ready for its final head-down position.

Physical play & Exercise

Sure, your toddler seems hyperactive, is constantly fidgeting and can barely sit still. But does that still amount to getting the right amount of exercise? Physical activity in babies, toddlers and preschoolers increases muscle strength, coordination and bone density.

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Getting ready for your baby's arrival

Once the baby is born and ready to come home, you want to be sure that the home is ready for the baby too. Here are a few things you can keep in mind:

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Avoiding pregnancy heartburns

Have you ever seen those fire performers that put fire sticks down their throat just for entertainment? A severe heartburn feels just like that, but there's nothing fun about it. It's as if hot lava is rising up your chest and throat, leaving a horrible taste in your mouth.

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Save on that precious sleep

Sure, you are excited about the new life that you brought into the world. But you may not have been prepared for the sleepless nights this job brings with it. You haven't gotten a good night's sleep in weeks, probably months.

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Being the best birth partner

While being in the labour room with all the blood, can seem like a daunting experience, it may be the same for your partner. She may be equally scared and freaked out at the thought of the pain she may be anticipating during child birth or the health of the baby.

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