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Helping Insurers to crunch their Turnaround Time
The lifeline of any insurance company, especially the life insurers is their ability to place the policy of their prospect in the shortest possible time. At UHCI, we recognize this very clearly, partner and work towards achieving this reality in many ways.

One of the important aspects of placing the policy is the successful completion of pre-policy medicals. Usually the insurer’s prospect is very reluctant to go for medicals unless it is convenient, easy and quick.

How do we ensure all these while not compromising the list of tests required, quality of tests conducted, availability of correct test reports and sending them in the quickest possible time?

Home Visits!!
We have partnered with several Diagnostic Centres and Hospitals to provide Home Visits in the most efficient and effective way to address the following

  • The member undertaking the test is least inconvenienced and the tests are taken at their home environment ensuring complete privacy and convenience
  • The Insurance company gets access to the reports of the tests conducted in the quickest possible time.
  • The Diagnostic Centres and/or the Hospitals which conducts the tests gets additional credibility and helps us to partner with such Diagnostic Centres and Hospitals even more.
The adoption of such innovative practices have ensured an increase in the policies placed by over 20% - an incredible boon in a very competitive world.

To know more about the value of Home Visits and other such innovative solutions, please call +91 22 3065 7300 and/or write to us at
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